Startup Incubator “NSpire” to launch by Netsol

Pakistanis are no doubt talented and hardworking, and are excelling in every field of life. Pakistani entrepreneurs have implemented lot of ideas to deal with the problems of common man.

Pakistani startups have proven themselves by implementing their ideas successfully. There is not the shortage of technical knowledge and hands in Pakistan. Many of businessmen started their business from thousands and now they have grown up to Arabs. There are two issues for startups and younger’s for setting up their business. First one is funding & investment and second is the art of managing the business.

There are many incubators in Pakistan who supports the local community and young generations for business. They not only guide them with ideas and advises but also give financial support. They have solved the problem of funding and management guidelines. There are about more than 27 incubators in Pakistan. Now Netsol Pakistan is going to launch its own incubator named “Nspire” that will help local entrepreneurs to grow up.

The aim behind “NSpire” is to promote the startups to have global success. NetSol is a big brand and is listed in NASDAQ. It depends upon its own  credentials to promote startups.

The decision to set up “NSpire” was taken by Salim Ghauri . CEO as well the founder of the company. NetSol conducted a Hackathon-styled competition at LUMS called Throwathon last month which promoted the local talent and ideas. 53 students of different universities participated in the competition.  After the successful completion of the competition, NetSol announced the launch of “NSpire” at the end of the event.

NSpire will prove itself a big supporting structure for IT startups.


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