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The Tallest Actresses of Pakistan and Lollywood

(Last Updated On: 19/11/2015)

Pakistani film industry in not much greater as Bollywood is. However, if talk about drama industry of Pakistan than Indian drama industry has no comparisons with Pakistani. Lollywood is the name of Pakistani film industry. The movies of Lollywood are largely based on Urdu and Punjabi languages. Lollywood consists of five cinemas namely Karachi Cinema, Lahore Cinema, Pashto Cinema, Sindhi Cinema and Pothwari Cinema (non-operational).

After the independence of Pakistan, Lahore Cinema was the only film production center in the country. The First film released under the banner of that cinema was Teri Yaad. If talk about Pakistani film actresses then in past they were known for weight instead of height or smartness. However, the current Pakistani drama and film actress always tried to maintain their smartness and beauty.

Here is the list of the tallest actress of Pakistani and Lollywood.

1. Nadia Hussain

Height: 5’ 10”nadia hussain

2. Tooba Siddiqui

Height: 5’ 10”Tooba Siddiqui

3. Sanam Saeed

Height: 5’ 9”Sanam Saeed

4. Ayyan Ali

Height: 5’ 9″Ayyan Ali

5. Amna Ilyas

Height: 5’ 9”Amna Ilyas

6. Somy Ali

Height: 5’ 9”Somy Ali

7. Mehwish Hayat

Height: 5’ 8”Mehwish Hayat

8. Sunita Marshal

Height: 5’ 8”Sunita Marshal

9. Syra Yousuf

Height: 5’ 8”Syra Yousuf

10. Iman Ali

Height: 5’ 8”Iman Ali

11. Jia Ali

Height: 5’ 8”Jia Ali

12. Mahira Khan

Height: 5’ 7”Mahira Khan

13. Mawra Hocane

Height: 5’ 7”Mawra Hocane

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