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Written by Ali
(Last Updated On: 20/02/2015)

Welcome to Feed Pakistan Magazine. Feed is a simple, beautiful and powerful digital publishing platform of science news, articles, current events, lifestyle, art, sports and the world around us. Feed is a resource for photography, research, updates, news, global issues, video and greatest ideas. We do not cover news, we create it.

Feed.pk delivers national and international issues related to Pakistan to its readers and always welcome their opinions, suggestions and critics to enhance comprehensive information.

We’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Our first priority is to ultimately serve you rather than focusing our own internal goal or bottom line. Our vision and mission is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the Internet-universal access to research, education, entertainment, current events and global affairs full participation in culture-to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity.

Our writing and translating management is expertise in providing updated and geeks material to the readers.

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Ali Rajput is an entrepreneur and I.T professional from Pakistan who loves to blog about ICT & current Pakistani issues. He is well known in local industry for his consulting services for cooperate computing solutions. He also holds Masters Degree in Advance Computer Science from University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Reach out to him on Twitter @acompk via email at admin [at] web.pk

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