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Zong eCare – How to Create new account login for call history

(Last Updated On: 08/06/2015)

Zong has taken another step to facilitate its subscriber. Like many other cellular companies of Pakistan, Zong has also launched its E-Care service to enable the users to stay connect with Zong. E-Care portal of Zong gives the subscribers of Zong to fully control their cell phone account. Zong has designed E-Care center to enables its users to discover and enjoy this service.

Process is very simple. Just navigate to Zong E-Care by clicking here. Enter your phone number without any dash, type your desired password, type CAPTCHA to prove your human identity and click ok. Your account will be created automatically.

Note! use Internet Explorer for full access to this service as per instructions of Zong.

Once you logged in, you will be able to control your Zong account and number. If you are a postpaid customer then you can see the recharge history and in case of prepaid customer you will be able to see recharge details. Other services include account usage details, call records, SMS records and many others records with full details. Almost all of the services of Zong E-Care are almost same except that for prepaid customers, call details of last fifteen days will be only available. Unique feature of Zong E-Care is that it shows the remaining free minutes or free SMS and even remaining GPRS package details with expiry date as well.

Moreover, there is option of services activation and deactivation, package conversations, settings change, lost SIM blocking, friends and family package options and many more. Remember! VAS charges are applicable for using these features as per Zong Policy. Zong E-Care

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