12 Young Pakistanis who are Proudly waving Pakistani Flag around

Youth has always been playing pivotal role in making morale high of the nation, and when it comes to Pakistani perspective we can’t deny the fact that our youth is the builder of tomorrow. Here we have brought 12 prodigies of Pakistan who have made us proud.

Malala Yousafzai


Age: 18 years
Contribution: Youngest Nobel Laureate

She doesn’t need any introduction as she has gained much more on a global scale than many others have done. In 2014, she was claimed as the youngest Nobel award winner. The courageous Malala boldly voiced against Talibans, who forced women to quit education.

Samina Baig



Age: 25
Contribution: First Pakistani woman and the third Pakistani to climb Mount Everest

Samina Baig is very few of the Pakistani women who have thrashed all the stereotypes and have proved their strength. Baig in just 21 years of age became the first Pakistani woman to climb the Mount Everest. Later at the age of 23 she also set a record by climbing the seven summits in record time.

Syed Sumail Hassan

Dota 2

Age: 17
Contribution: Youngest gamer to earn more than $1 million USD in tournament prize money winnings.

He is a perfect example of what a Pakistani teenager can do as he proved that age is just a number. At just 16 years of age, he earned over $1 million as he proved himself as a professional gamer. Hassan along with his team won “The International” tournament of $7 million prize money in 2015.

Muniba Mazari


Age: 28
Contribution:  Anchor, PTV

Muniba Mazari was named the first Pakistani female United Nation goodwill for Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls nationwide in December last year. Mazari met an accident due to which she suffered from paralysis and was later to use wheel chair. Although, even this could not make any hindrance in Mazari’s career who proved her as a wonderful artist.


Imaan Qureshi

Contribution: First Pakistani female tennis player to be ranked third in Asia in the under 14 tournament.


She started playing professional tennis at the age of 10 and till now she have represtnted Pakistan at diffeent international stages like International Fed Cup and Indian Tournament.

Umair Anwar Jahangir



Age: 24
Founder & Secretary of Bahria Medics

Umar Anwar Jahangir has been quite active in providing non-for-profit health care aids in Karachi. Several years back he attended the World Economic Forum meeting held in Davos, Switzerland, which made him the youngest guy to travel to the forum where just the top young innovators are invited globally.

Laraib Atta


Contribution: Visual effect artist, who have shown her class in Johnny Depp’s Sweeney, 10,000 BC, The Chronicles of Narnia, Godzilla and many.

She started her professional career as a visual artist at the age of 19 and have designed logos for numerous world events. For those who didn’t know, Laraib Atta is the daughter of famous folk singer Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi.

Haris Khan


Contribution: Youngest Smarthphone App developer in the World

Pakistani young kid residing in Ireland just days before turning 11 intited a game ‘Super Soccer Kicks’ back in 2014 which made his name among the youngest smartphone app developer globally.

Khalida Brohi


Age: 27
Contribution: Founder, Sughar Empowerment

Khalida Brohi set a non-profit organization ‘Sughar’ back in 2009. The main intention of this organization was to open up new ways for the tribal and rural women. Brohi, 27 years of age, hailing from Balochistan also voiced against the horrific honor killing, which also engulfed life of her friend.

Humza Shahzad

Achievement: Youngest Microsoft Office Professional

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You all might have heard about Arfa Karim, the youngest Microsoft Certified professional, who did this at age of 9. Although, Karim is no more between us Humza Shahzad rose up as the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at age of 6.

Fiza Farhan


Age: 27
Contribution: Founder & CEO of Buksh Foundation
Category: Social Entrepreneur

This is the second time when Fiza Farhan got this place in the list as this social entrepreneur was also being lauded in the previous years list unleashed by the Forbes. Over his mighty contributions from last several years she was elected as a member of the first ever High-Level Panel of the UN Secretary General on Women’s Economic Empowerementy.



Pakistan is proud of you..

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