After Selfies Qandeel Baloch Leaked Video with Mufti Abdul Qavi

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(Last Updated On: 22/06/2016)

The social media drama queen, Qandeen Baloch on Monday, took the social media by storm when she shared some selfies of her with Mufti Abdul Qawi. The selfies were demanded by the QB as said by Mufti Abdul Qawi in his recent interview. The environment was calm till selfies but now leaked video of QB with Mufti Sahab has created another blow.

Qandeel Baloch Leaked Video with Mufti Abdul Qawi 


The drama that was after the interviews of both on the Neo TV program Ajeeb Saa comes to end after a leaked video in which it can be clearly seen QB is sitting with Mufti Abdul Qawi taking selfies. Either there were, or they were not aware of the fact that someone is making the video as well that has been recently leaked out.

Talking about the selfie matter, Mufti Abdul Qawi said, She wanted to have a meeting to get rid of a magic spell. She put my hat on her head, and took a selfie while I was busy on the phone.”13466169_867641736713913_93640782253310919_n

“She asked me to arrange her meeting with Imran Khan as she wants to discuss the treatment meted out to her by some people during PTI rallies. Since I am the head of PTI’s religious wing, I agreed that I would talk to Imran Khan,” he said.13445735_867575056720581_5050874059600357025_n

While QB has also shared her stance as well. “Why would I ask for a meeting with him…in fact, he had told me during a TV program that he would like to lay his eyes on my face before witnessing the moon of Ramazan,” she said. “He told me, forget about Imran Khan as he is 65 and too old for me… he said I am 50 years old and an age gap of 25 years between us is not a big deal,” Qandeel Baloch said, breaking out in laughter.13428463_867641766713910_5958235304124993055_n

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