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Ahsan Khan’s video rocks: Educated homeless man gets the job with accommodation

(Last Updated On: 10/01/2016)

“Never underestimate the power of a common man.” Might be many of you heard it before but currently according to the scenario globally, it can be rephrased as “Never underestimate the power of the social media in the hands of  common man”.

The above-written lines are just to pen down the positives of technology, despite the fact the tech obsessed world is rapidly changing our priorities. The social media is one of the most beneficial outcomes of the technology, which allows one to spread his voice all around the globe just simply by resting at his home.


The social media charisma have been changing dozens of life and the example which is yet to be mentioned is one of the most promising example of it.

Several days back the famous Pakistani actor and host Ahsan Khan shared a heart warming video on social media. The video was about an old homeless man, who was not what he looked to be. As in the video Ahsan asked him some questions, the poor old man replied them in English with some strong British accent. In further conversation, the man also shared his life struggles and hurdles.


The Karachi based man also told about his living abroad and further the hardships and hurdles as he was decived by his family member. The lonely man further spoke about his family, which he told that died in a car accident.

In short, the old man was not beggaring or asking from Ahsan khan, although he asked for some office job.

This video on social media spread like wildfire as Mr Khan shared this video asked for the help of the old deprived man.

No sonner, the social media all fled with wishes and employment offers for the man.

An IT company posted the appointemnet letter of the man on social media which tells soon about the joining of this man. Further the company’s owner also spoke to the media channel and also told about the job.



The designation offered by the Amtech Systems is of ‘Customer Service representative’ with several fringe benefits, most notably, the health care facility and life insurance facility of worth several million.

The job is on the permanent basis and the other thing which this company has arranged for the man is a furnished room with five years rent paid in advance as a joining incentive.

The company further also told that the appointment letter would be given by Ahsan Khan to the educated man in a couple of days.


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