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Arshi Khan and Shahid Afridi’s relation Exposed!

(Last Updated On: 22/03/2016)

The merely know Indian model is nowadays enjoying heights of popularity and this all isn’t because of her credibility as she has roped in the headlines after plotting a fake story which moves around one of the most famous celebrities of Asia, Shahid Afridi.

She have uploaded dozens of videos and have made several dedications to the Pakistani star, but if you really know they were nothing more than a conspiracy against the legend of the cricket.

Despite the fact that Afridi dumped all such rumors regarding his relation with this Indian model, the media played a big hand in taking her in limelight.

But many of you didn’t really know the story behind as first she said that she doesn’t have any sexual or such relation with Afridi and she is one of his fan who have met her socially, nothing more.

But just within days her tone changed and she claimed that she had sex with Shahid Afridi. She deleted her previous tweets regarding Shahid Afridi and started her new journey while claiming that she is a girlfriend of Shahid Afridi.

Now she is enjoying the limelight by doing so, but her real story is still no known or seen by many.

Arshi Khan’s deleted Tweets

These tweets show that Arshi is nothing more than fan girl of Shahid Afridi, who later pulled a controversy to be in the headlines.

Arshi khan

Later she claimed that she had sex with Boom Boom Shahid Afridi.


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