Audi to Setup Car Assembling Plant in Pakistan

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 15/11/2016)

It seems Pakistan is going to be the automobiles hub in the South Asia. After the announcement of Volkswagen and Fiat, AUDI has also started the feasibility study to launch its assembly line in the country. First assembly setup will be launch in the Korangi, Karachi, Sindh. The news for AUDI to enter in Pakistan revealed by the Sindh Board of Investment.

Pakistan New Auto Policy is going to be fruitful for the international automobile makers. This policy is going to break the monopoly of Suzuki and Toyota in the country. Volkswagen and Fiat announced to step in Pakistan before the announcement of Auto Policy. However, AUDI is the first one to enter Pakistan after the announcement of Auto Policy.

However, the AUDI AG has made it clear that it is the possibility to assemble the AUDI vehicle in the province of Sindh. The Four Ring brand will study the legal aspect, federal trade policy, logistical and economic feasibility to establish an assembly plant in the Sindh through its authorized general importer in Pakistan; Premier Systems.

The authorized importer for Audi AG in Pakistan and head of automotive at Premier Systems Private Limited, Ali Khan in an interview to The Express Tribune said, “Audi AG has expressed the interest via its authorized importer in Pakistan to set up an assembly plant in Pakistan.”

“Audi AG first signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) to consider Pakistan as a potential market in May this year. We studied the automotive policy (approved by the government in March) to see if it’s a viable case. After three-and-a-half months, we, on behalf of Audi AG, sent the letter of intent to BoI, expressing that we would like to assemble vehicles in Pakistan.” He added.

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