Farhan Saeed ft. Iman Ali ‘Koi Rokay Na Mujhe’ song released


One of the most awaited song of the year, sung by the prominent Pakistani singer Farhan Saeed is out and is creating buzz all around, for all the positive.


As the video of the song is a kind of mini-drama, which is being highly appreciated by the audience. The gorgeous model-actress Iman Ali, who is quite choosy while opting any project is this year going with some bulge work, and ‘Koi Rokay Na Mujhe’ is one of her tremendous work coming this year.

Farhan Saeed ‘Koi Rokay Na Mujhe’ song

Farhan Saeed – Koi Rokay Na Mujhay (Official Video)

Farhan Saeed Presents KOI ROKAY NA MUJHAY – (Recommended in HD)Starring : IMAN ALI – SAJID HASSAN – MUNIB NAWAZ – FARHAN SAEEDMusic : Ali Mustafa Directed : by Humza Yousaf


Posted by Farhan Saeed on Saturday, April 9, 2016

About ‘Koi Rokay Na Mujhe’ teaser

To make the audience go crazy for this song, Farhan Saeed has released the teaser of this track and with a glimpse in, it seems that the video of the song will be showing bit of drama and superb chemistry between Iman Ali and Farhan saeed.

The teaser shows Saeed sitting in a cafe or bar where Iman Ali arrives. The teaser further goes on showing that it will be more than merely a love song as it has some drama added, the teaser hints.

What Farhan Saeed said about having Iman Ali on the board for ‘Koi Rokay Na Mujhe’ song?

Saeed who has won various Music Awards, the latest one for ‘Roiyaan’ at Lux Style Awards 2015 (LSA) told his way to get Iman Ali on board for this song while talking to Express Tribune.

“I have always had different girls in my various music videos. I want every video to shine through and stand on its own. I had Iman Ali in mind for a long time but I was scared because I thought she would be hesitant.”

Saeed further said that he asked Ali to listen the song then to make decision that whether she will be doing this song or not.

He further told that after listening this song she opted to do this song.


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