Filling Nitrogen Gas in Car Tyres Instead of Air – What are the Benefits?

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 02/08/2016)

If you have been driving your car on Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and other metropolitans roads, then you must have noticed the billboards which are suggesting that you find your car’s tyres with nitrogen rather than air. The trend of filling car’s tyres with nitrogen is increasing in Pakistan.

How it Works and What are the Benefits?

Of course, when you will take some time to look into the matter closely to find out the matter what is going on then there will be only one line answer ‘it cools your tyres from the inside’. The question can arise in your mind how it is possible. It is very simple to understand as little science is involved in it. As we know air is the mixture of multiple gases including nitrogen that holds the 78% share under 21% of oxygen and the rest is CO2, vapour and small concentrations of some notable gases like argon and neon. Due to increase and decrease in heat, these gases expand and cooled respectively so the pressures and temperature of tyres also increase or decrease gradually.tyre-maintenance-guide0

When it comes to pure nitrogen, then story take a twist. Nitrogen is less likely to migrate through tyre rubber than oxygen, and this means that your tyre pressure will remain stable over an extended period. Going through the routine of Formula 1 and Indycar, you will observer, these cars also use nitrogen rather than air.

The other benefit of using nitrogen rather than simple air:

  • It keeps the tyres cool
  • It makes the car feel smoother
  • It increases the life of tyre
  • Tyre pressure is maintained
  • It doesn’t put extra burden on rims
  • It maintains tyre pressure
  • It leaks slower than normal air because of different chemical structure and normal temperature and pressure.

There are many other questions that you must have in mind. Before going for this new experiment, you can take advice from your dealer or mechanic.

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Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan.
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  • I have observed my self as well and heard one of my colleague had a car accident on highway due to tyre burst (General tyre) in a new Honda City car. I am not sure but the reason could be increasing in tyre pressure due to heat generation. I would suggest if you are going for a highway trip than its better to fill your tyres with Nitrogen gas. Overall we have all read in schools “Safety first”. Good Luck and have a nice day. Life is more than the word “Important”

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