Hamza Ali Abbasi to host show on BOL TV, watch promo!

Hamza Ali Abbasi is one of the most looked after celebrities in Pakistan. He’s not merely an actor, he has proved himself as a star.

From doing super hit film/dramas to being vocal on  serious issues and addressing them with logic is something Hamza Ali Abbasi does rightly.

He is also known as social media king of Pakistan, with nearing 4 million likes on Facebook, he is undoubtedly the unconquered King of social media.

He is vocal to each and every happening around and condemns it, that may made him notorious. He was also the first Pakistani actor to speak against the Indian atrocity in Kashmir and cross border firing.

Now he seems to ignite the competition on TV as he is all set to host the show on BOL TV.

Hamza Ali Abbasi himself shared the video on social media and captioned it as:”It is time to get rid of the notion that being political or talking about politics is Taboo if you are not a politician. Be politically aware, our destiny depends on it. Being political is not a profession, not a career… its a duty, a necessity!”



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