How to change Facebook Profile Picture to Support Pakistan Cricket Team in World T20 2016?

Pakistani fans were on the seventh sky after knowing the news that their cricket team has finally left for the World T20 2016 early on Saturday.

After chaos of many days Pakistan government has made sure to sent their national cricket sides, men and women for the World T20 2016, which has just kicked off few days back and is moving from a qualifying round ‘to game of 10’.

Amid all this Facebook has also launched a feature to get a boost on your patriotism and cricket fun. The leading social media platform has introduced a feature known as Facebook Game Face for the sports fans worldwide.

Pakistan cricket fans have perceived this well and just hours after this feature, massive number of Pakistanis have customized their profile pictures to support their team.

This Facebook feature was already set operational by the management but that was quite limited as it was just availed in accordance with some special and latest events.

But now this is the very first time when this feature is set for the sports events happening around the globe. This easily enabled feature allows you to set a logo of your favorite team on your profile picture in order to show your love for that specific sports and team.

Customize profile picture to support your team in World T20 2016

After logging in from your Facebook account you just have to go to the Facebook Game Face feature.

You can get over there by adding /gameface in the URL above and click to be on the page. If facing difficultly you can click here: Facebook Game Face

Change the event option and select it ICC World Twenty20.

Select the team which you won’t to support.

Set the duration for this pic to be as your profile picture as this feature allows you option like 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week and ‘never‘. After that period the pic will automatically be removed.

After placing the photo rightly and setting the duration for it click at the option ‘Use as Profile Picture’.

Facebook Profile Picture World T20 2016


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