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Hum Awards 2016: Watch Atif Aslam, Sohai Ali Abro, Urwa Hocane-Mawra Hocane’s performances

(Last Updated On: 23/04/2016)

Top Celebrities of Pakistan are all gathering at Expo Centre Karachi as the clock tells its time for one the biggest awards shows of Pakistan. Hum Awards 2016 awards to the game changers at Hum TV dramas and also garner the leaders of music and fashion industry of Pakistan.

This years Hum Awards 2016 will be the 4th awards night by the  Hum Television Network and Entertainment Channel (HTNEC) so far, the award ceremony which will be happening this year at Expo Centre Karachi aims to be staged worldwide in upcoming years.


As we mentioned that it is also a kind of celebration night for the entertainment industry, as several acknowledged and leading stars stage their scintillating performance.

As every this years, Hum Awards will also be a must-watch with some best dramas and the key players who makes these dramas best will bestowed with awards. Apart from that several star performances will also be making it a wonderful treat for the moviegoers.

Hum TV Awards 2016- Star Performances

According to the reliable sources, Atif Aslam will be entertaining the attendees of the show with his melodious voice, Sohai Ali Abro who is known for setting fire on stage with her dance performance will be doing this again for Hum TV Awards 2016.


The Hocane sisters, Mawra Hocane and Urwa Hocane will also be dancing together at the show.

The show will be televised on Hum TV, you can catch all this entertainment over there, if you want to watch that once again, then visit this page we’ll be posting all the top performances of the night here.

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