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Indian Tech Universities to open admissions for Pakistani students

The leading Indian Technology university, Indian Institutes of Technology has decided to expand their knowledge across the borders. In order to achieve that, this leading Indian tech university has decided to open entrance tests to students of eight foreign countries including Pakistan.

The decision about opening admission for foreign countries was upheld by the Indian university after the meeting between the human resource development (HRD) and the external affairs (MEA) ministers took place.

Speaking about the latest move a senior HRD official told that:“This is the first time we have planned to admit foreign students by holding tests abroad. To begin with, we will admit students from the JEE/GATE exams to be conducted in 2017.”

Following the decision, entrance test will be held in eight countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Dubai. The entrance test will be kick off from 2017 for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Here it is also told that prior to the announcement the entrance tests held in abroad were only for the admission of Indian nationals 18 IITs.

For admission in the university, an entrance exam will be conducted in the eligible countries with the help of Indian missions.

The official have also mentioned that Indian students should not worry as this will not affect the quota kept for the Indian students. The fees of foreigner students will be more as compare to the Indian students subsidized fee plans.


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