iTube Alternatives – 10 Apps like iTube

iTube is an application for downloading YouTube videos and managing the playlists of YouTube videos. This application lets the iOS and Android smartphone users to manage their YouTube media content in playlists, watch in offline and even bookmark the videos as well. The best about iTube is that in addition to providing the service of streaming YouTube videos, the users can also play the top hundred songs or top hundred from different genres or both. The best about iTube is that in addition to streaming videos directly from the YouTube, the users can watch the videos in offline mode as well. Below are the ten those apps that can be used as an alternative of iTube.

1. Musi

Musi is a YouTube videos streaming platform that lets the music lovers to enjoy all of their music freely by using the application. They can search for any song from YouTube for free. They can even preview the song in the thumbnail to make sure that they have selected the perfect song. They can also organize their playlists of favorite music and videos to listen to them in offline or part time, Moreover, editing, reordering, and managing the entire music library is also possible.


2. PlayTube

PlayTube is a YouTube searching application that lets the users explore for nonstop YouTube videos and music. They are allowed to go for any music and make it the part of their favorite playlists as well. It is not only streaming for videos as well. PlayTube lets the users in addition to streaming for YouTube videos, they can manage and organize the entire playlists as well. The can easily shuffle and can do whatever they want to do with their favorite tracks.


3. YouVids

YouVids is an application to access and stream the YouTube videos for free. They can easily search YouTube videos and channels. They are freely allowed to create the playlists of their favorite videos as well. One of the best features of YouVids is that it allow the users to even paly their YouTube videos in the background as well and carry on the normal task. The other features available for the users are viewing and playing favorite music in offline mode.


4. Music Tube

Music Tube is a YouTube video streamer and video player for streaming the millions of songs. They can search from dozens of genres such as rock, hip hop, pop, country, alternatives, jazz and much more. They can search for the songs according to artist names as well. In addition to all these, Music Tube has its own music player as well. The best above is all that they will be able to play the song in the background as well that will let them carry on the normal work as well.


5. iMusic Player Plus

iMusic Player Plus is a free YouTube streamer and playlist manager. iMusic Player Plus allow the music lovers to enjoy the millions of music for free. They can search and browse for favorite music right from the iOS devices. In addition to streaming, the music player is also the part of the iMusic Player Plus that means enjoying the music right from the own player of the iMusic Player Plus. Nothing is limited, everything is possible either it is about searching by artist, singer, song or genre.


6. iMusic

iMusic is an all-in-one YouTube music player and streamer from where the users can directly search and explore for the music for free. There is no limitation over searching the music. Everything is available at iMusic is without any limit. In addition to streaming directly from YouTube, playback the music in the background is also possible and simple. The list of available features on iMusic contains, song queuing, browse song according to genres/artist/name, gesture control system, viewing song lyrics, information about each song, etc.


7. AirMusic

AirMusic is a worthy application to explore in order to grab the entire data of the YouTube. AirMusic is a way to streaming the YouTube videos and then with the help of AirMusic listening it from anywhere and anytime. The best about AirMusic is that it lets the user to even access their iOS videos that they have recorded from YouTube to access from the gaming consoles, PlayStations, Chromecast and other digital media platforms.


8. InstaTube

InstaTube is basically a video sharing platform streamer and player. The streaming and playing functions of InstaTube are not restricted to YouTube only. InstaTube also supports the streaming from Daily motion, Vimeo and few other video sharing and streaming platforms. The support of HD music, high quality pixels, repeat & repeat all functions, like/comment/dislike system like original YouTube and many other technical features make the InstaTube one of the perfect alternatives to the iTube.


9. Discovr

Discovr is little different from the other applications. It is for streaming and discovering the brand new music and videos from the giant video sharing platform of YouTube. Discovr make it easy for the users to explore for music and videos according to brands, songs, genres, and artists. However, there is only one limitation in Discovr and that is it doesn’t support for the thumbnail of the videos. Discovr can be used as an alternative to iTube.


10. AudioViz

AudioViz is an application for streaming the YouTube songs for free. AudioViz allows the music and entertainer lovers automatically stream and view the music and videos from the YouTube and their iTunes storage library. There is also the possibility of storing the music to listen and offline mode and sharing the videos on the social media platforms as well, moreover, creating of playlists form the available millions of song of YouTube is also possible.


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