Karachi Metro Bus: Route Map and Stations of Karachi’s Green Line Metro Bus

The work on the ongoing project of launching Green Line Metro Bus in Karachi is moving at the slow pace. The plan will surely take some time to get a successful end. For the successful completion of the project, Ministry of Communications has divided the construction plan of Karachi Metro Bus into five master plans.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has already assured that Karachi’s Green Line Bus will be more beautiful than Lahore Metro.

Karachi Metro Bus Route Map13051558_854675367993496_1679789952331764389_n

Check out the outstanding design and route map of Karachi Green Line Metro Bus that is currently under construction.13094120_854675437993489_4148603498481732839_n


It is a mega development project that was announced by the PM Nawaz last year. On February 25, 2016, PM Nawaz formally inaugurated the project. The project is expected to finish by the start of the year 2017. The operation will also begin in the February 2017.10383006_1903746149851913_2715232536762200840_n

At the first phase, there will be twenty bus stations and separate lanes for coming and going. The elevated section will be 11.7 KMs long and 7.7 KMs the length of the section on the ground. After becoming operational, Karachi Metro Bus will commence the operation from, Surjani to Jama Cloth Market. It will be 18 KMs long routes. After the first phase, next phase will be started to add the five other lines, and these will complete in the two, two and half years.1239562_1903746203185241_6145549418129024664_n

After successful completion, Karachi Metro Bus will be the largest bus service in the country. Daily 350,000 will travel via Karachi Metro Bus. Karachi Metro Bus service will alleviate the serve traffic congestion problems in the city and to improve the quality of the daily life commuters by improving the existing transport system of the city. In addition to providing the reliable, safe, affordable and high-quality transportation service in the city it will reduce the travel time as well.12832362_1903746179851910_779118645635695051_n

Work on Multan Metro Bus Service has been entered into the final phase. Faisalabad will also get Metro bus system by the mid of 2017. By the end of 20117, seven major cities of the country will have a modern Bus Rapid Transit System.1239562_1903746203185241_6145549418129024664_n

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  • Muhammad Hossain on 30/03/2017

    Sir, on left side of Surjani town (0 point of green metro bus) have double 200/300 road already constructed & not have rushed of trafic. Mostly poor peoples have lived in Surjani Town & Khuda ki basti, Karim Dino Goth etc. Please consider the metro route on left of Surjani Town. We are already thank ful to you, due to consider karachi’s population. Your cooperation will be appriciation.


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