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‘Khoobsurat’ Jodi Fawad Khan-Sonam Kapoor Stars in Tarang TVC 12 Baje

(Last Updated On: 20/02/2016)

After the successful of Khoobsurat movie the Jodi of the movie star in the new commercial of Tarang Milk (Milk Tea). This will be surely a moment of satisfaction for the fans of the recent superhit Jodi of Bollywood movie. Appearance in the red and black dress from Fawad’s side and white dress like a bridal dress by the Sonam Kapoor was looking as both are made for each other. Tarang has really presented the real color of its Tea Milk in the shape of dresses of both celebrities.

The red and white dresses of both are looking as the Doodh and Chaye Ka Rang of Tarang that is its signature tone as well. The fans of Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor are thanking the Tarang for bringing the couple back with such a wonderful concept.


The fans over the social media are first happy with the tremendous entry of both on screens although in a short commercial clip and secondly they are enjoying the dresses selection of both like a bride and groom made for each other.

Just watch here the new TVC of Tarang of 70 sec named Tarang 12 Bajay.

Suroor Bhara Lamha Thum Sa JaeyTarang ka garhapan chai ka itna maza barhaye, Keh suroor bhara lamha thum sa jaye #SahiJor #SuroorBharaLamha #Fawad #Sonam #Tarang


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Fawad Khan Sonam Kapoor Tarang ad 2016

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