Maalik Film Poster Competition: Design a poster and win Rs 1.5 Lakh


There might be many reasons behind Pakistan cinema regaining its strength but we can’t undermine the ‘innovation’ filmmakers are up with. In the very same way the innovation and inventiveness is not just restricted to the plot of the film or picturisation department, it is all over it. As some tremendous ideas have been commenced while promoting the films, the very new idea which have struck the moviegoers is upheld by the makers of film Maalik.


You might be hearing about this film from past some time or it might be on top of the list of  yours ‘must-watch’ films this year, as this film directed and written by Ashir Azeem is surely a patriotism booster for every of the Pakistani. It is one of the very few films, which have been captivating audiences of all group ages, as it intends you to love this country even more and take some right decisions.

Earlier, the director of the film in talks with Express Tribune, told them that he is not concerned about the box office performance of the film as he has just put in all his potential and idea to deliver his idea to the audience rightly.


The other thing which shows that Azeem is quite curious about the film is that beside director and writer of the film he also have been playing pivotal role in acting department of the film.

Other than Azeem, Farhan Ally Agha, Sajid Hassan, Hassan Niazi and Adnan Shah are playing the crucial roles in the film.

The film which was scheduled to release on March 23 but because of the Cricket World Cup T20 final on the day, the new expected date of its release in April 8.

Maalik Poster Competition

As the promotional has been a much needed step to mark the success of film on the board, obeying that, Pakistani film makers have been initiating some really cool ideas. The best examples of aforementioned statement is the promotional tactic of makers of Ho Mann Jahaan and Bachaana as they both announced ‘Dubsmash’ competition and gave opportunity to catch up with the stars of the film live at music launch of the film.

On the other hand, Maalik is a realistic film, it is up to give the real benefit to the movie goers as they have announced that they will be choosing 5 best posters designed by audience and will be paying Rs 30,000 for each poster.


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