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Mohammad Amir visiting Fatimid Foundation for Charity (Pictures)

(Last Updated On: 08/03/2016)

Pakistan’s bowling sight has always been threatening for the opponents, from Wasim-Waqar to Shoaib, Pakistan cricket has always been pressurizing the rivals with their fats pace track. Following the tradition, Pakistan also got a talented left arm pacer like Amir who was too young to reach the heights. But from very beginning of his career, he was able to grab the attention. At the meantime, leftie raising from Gojar Khan got booked for his involvement in spot fixing scandal. Later he suffered a prison but he kept his motivation right and made his comeback, which even forced the opponents to clap for him.

After showcasing his performance at various platforms, he was able to get in eyes of the selectors and Cricket Board but that even doesn’t brought him his much-awaited news as senior Pakistani players refused to play against him. But with his desperation and continuous form he was able to get his place back in the team.

Before getting back to the side, Amir showed his brilliant skills at different platforms like domestic level and Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).

Recently, Amir visited Fatimid Foundation for the charity purpose and it was really heartwarming to see him so much involved with the child patients over there. The left handed quickie also brought gifts with him for them and that seems they very happy with the time they got with one of the most promising stars of Pakistan cricket.

Here are the photos of Amir’s recent visit to Fatimid Foundation for charity purpose:

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