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Mumtaz Qadri’s supporters waving shoe at PML-N Minister Pervaiz Rasheed (Video)

(Last Updated On: 01/03/2016)

As countrywide protest are being set by the followers of Mumtaz Qadri, killer of Governor Salman Taseer. This all situation has caused chaos among residents  of different cities as they are still not sure what would be happening at the next time. Here it should be mentioned that believers of Qadri have called for a peaceful protest nationwide but still its uncomfortable as many of the people have been reacting violently over the incident.



The above mentioned point can be exemplified with these two videos, which are being captured while Perviaz Rasheed was waiting for the flight in passengers lounge at Karachi Airport.

In one of the video, PML-N Minister is seen sitting around Qadri’s supporters, who are asking different questions from Rasheed and they even asked him to disown the statements he gave in this regard. Whereas, Rasheed reinstated that what he said was his point of view and he is still firm on it.

The other video, shows dozens of people who were quite furious and were raising slogan against PML-N government and sitting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Later in the video, mob got out of control and waived shoes towards the Minister who was sitting in the passengers lounge at airport.

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