Now earn Rs 20,000 per month for just driving your car for yourself!

Yeah, you heard it right and that is not any scam or somewhat if you’re thinking as people around the globe are earning some good bucks by doing the same. And now a startup in Pakistan named ‘Ticket Kataao’ has pulled this initiative. To be very clear you just have to travel as you do for yourself, with doing all this you can earn up to Rs 20,000.

This is something Pakistanis might be unfamiliar with but it is globally used, most commonly this is called earning by advertising with your car. All you have to do is brand your cars with an advertisement and move an as your daily routine or whatever, with all this the startup is offering you Rs. 20,000.

The other best thing about this method is that one can choose the advertisement of own choice if he/she is conscious about it.

Ticket Kataao

Make money from branding your car with advertising. Get paid for something you are already doing- driving around in your car. Be part of a revolution in shared economy without turning into a taxi driver.

This startup makes you believe that ‘Thrive While you drive’.

To avail this offer what a person with his/her own car has to do is:

  • Signup with Ticket Kataaao
  • Download App
  • Drive, Track & Earn

For Further Questions or Information:

Ticket Kataao Official Website


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