Pakistani Celebrities with their family-Pictures!

(Last Updated On: 31/01/2016)

We always want to know more and more about our favorite stars, and this is why we are always peeping in their lives. From their favorite dishes to their favorite tourist spots, we know all about them and can tell others on our finger tips. This is all what we call a star-fan never ending sensation.

And while searching about the stars, many of them also used to search about their families and even houses, this might be the reason as bachelor or married status counts a lot in the showbiz industry.

Apart from that, with knowing the families of stars, fans also get to know about the relationships of different celebrities, as many get confuse if surname of the stars are same.

But now it has become much easy to look into celebrites life as hawk-eyed media covers each and everyone and holds enough data about every of them.

Here are some of the pictures of famous celebrities with their families:

Fawad Khan with his family:

F f1

Hamza Ali Abbasi with his mother:


Humayun Saeed with his wife

Hu H

Mahira Khan with her family


Ahmed Ali Butt with his family


Fahad Mustafa with his family


Wasim Akram with his family


Umar Gul with his daughter


Hina Rabbani Khar with her daughter


Faisal Qureshi with his family Fa

Khaled Anam with his family


Hadiqa Kiyani with her son


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