PEMRA bans crime re-enactment shows ahead of Ramazan 2016

Keeping in view the snactity of pious Islamic month Ramazan, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has imposed ban on crime re-enactment TV shows during the holy month.

Chairman PEMRA, Absar Alam held a presser to speak about the variations and changes in code of conduct of PEMRA due to Ramazan. While speaking to the presser, he told that crime re-enactment shows, raid programs should be shown from the 1st of Ramazan. Furthermore, he also told that those who’ll be violating the orders will face strong action.

Under the PEMRA’s official notification, TV channels will also be restrained from airing interviews of abuse victims, and will not be even allowed to disclose identity of any of the victim or of his/her family member.

Absar Alam also praised the crime-enactment shows, which unveil the truth as he told that many security agencies told that these enactments have helped them to know about the real culprits in the society.

All such measurements by PEMRA are imposed to respect the sanctity of the holy month. It will be relevant to mention here that during Ramazan the prime time of shows are also changed as audience mostly see the Ramadan transmission at Sehri and Aftari timing.


Rana Hamza is local journalist from Multan and work for local news agency. He is also Feature Writer for Web.pk and very active in sports and showbiz news insights. He holds Masters in English Writing. Mashable Pakistans's Web Culture Reporter. Reach out to him on Twitter via email at hamza [at] web.pk. Hamza graduated from Emerson University of Multan in 2015.

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