People of Hunza and Their Secret to Live Longer and Healthy


Who will not desire to live happy, longer and healthy? All of us have this wish in common that we want to live healthily and desire to look smart. You will find hundred and thousands of ideas over the internet about how to live longer and healthy. These are backed by the experiments of the supplement industry and observation of the scientists in the lab. But truly speaking have you ever seen healthy and longer age people saying that they are healthy because they are consuming the supplements of blah blah company or due to scientific research?  The answer will surely be a Big No.


Having a healthy life and living longer is an art and the people of Hunza, Pakistan knows this art that’s why most of them live over hundred years of age and in good health and condition. In this article, we will describe secrete behind their exceptionally long life expectancy.

They Belong to the Ancient Macedonians

They Belong to the Ancient Macedonians and the tribe of Alexander the Great. Then life expectancy of these people was eighty years. The people of this tribe still cross the age of eighty, and it is normal where ever they are living in the world.

Only Two Meals in a Day without Breakfast

They eat two times in a day. Breakfast is not the part of the daily meal. Although they wake up at 5 AM and work until 12 PM on an empty stomach and then have first meal of the day. The second one is served in the evening. They are negating the theory of west of must having breakfast.


Fresh and Natural Food Only

They only eat fresh, natural food that is organically produced. Hunza people are not addicted to chemically produced products.

They Consume More Fruit and Vegetables and Less Meat

They are not found in meat at all and meat is only served on special occasions like marriage. On these days they also make it sure that meat is stewed for a long time.


Fasting is the another secret of their long and healthy life. In spring season they fast more, and that is also acceptable to the health practitioners as well.

They Live in the Present

They never bother about the small issues. To live calm, they use some yoga techniques and practice meditation sessions as well. There focus on the present rather than in past or future.

They are not Lazy

They remain active all the time even after crossing the age of sixty. Rather than watching movies and talking all the time in spare time they use to go for a walk and do sporty activities.

They Consume More Juice and Less Water

It is common in Hunza to continuously drink fresh juices regularly from two to four months and drinking less water. They usually have the juice of dried apricots in that period.

Drinking and Bathing in the Glacier Water

Drinking pure and natural glacier water and taking a bath in it is the another secret that makes them able to live longer and stay healthy.

Daily Outdoor Physical Exercises

Exercises are their routine work. Rather than being in the home all the time they go outside to have pure mountain air and doing some physical exercises.

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