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Poocho.pk – Pakistan’s Top Question & Answer site

(Last Updated On: 13/04/2016)

Our brains are full of questions and concerns, and if our queries are well attended that gives us a vast knowledge and pathway to success. Working on the same model, Pakistan’s largest Q & A site, Poocho.pk vows to provide compact and reality-based answer to all your concerns.

The rapid response over the question of audience make this site more prominent in a country where any known Question Answer site doesn’t exists. The other thing which makes this site more catchy for the audience is that it gives elaborated answers specifically according to the Pakistani scenario.

This Q & A platform has a professional team to give you the best possible answers, and in future they aim to become Pakistani Quora.

The site is getting immensely popular among Pakistanis and the Pakistani expats who wants to be in touch with the turning trends of Pakistan.

The site is being launched as a bold initiative for the Pakistanis, who are trying to get their questions answered rightly. It will be worth mentioning that there are not many Q & A sites working in Pakistan and those working are not that proficient in the field.


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