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‘Prize Bond’ app checks your prize bond numbers automatically

(Last Updated On: 14/04/2016)

The world is changing rapidly, and to catch up the pace we firstly need to save our time. Doing something very similar to it, a startup named Avialdo has launched an app named ‘Prize Bond’ that automatically checks your prize bond numbers after every draw without any hassle or wastage of your precious time.

It is a well known fact that the people who use to purchase the prize bonds consume much of their time while searching their prize bond numbers in the draw. Many of them check it twice or even more than it with their hawk eyes and full attention to avoid any mistake.


It will also be relevant to mention here that, many of the people residing in rural areas wait hours for the newspaper to check the results of draws as they are not much open to the net surfing or getting on the right site to check the results, but with this easy app they can know that whether they have got their number in the prize list or not, just by tapping on their smartphones while having ‘Prize Bond’ app installed.

This app automatically tells you if you get the prize bond number in the winners list or not. For this what you all have to do is download this app and save the prize bind numbers you have, for sure you will be automatically updated.



Download ‘Prize Bond’ app (click here)

‘Prize Bond’ app- Introduction video

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