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Procedure for Renewal of Driving Licence

(Last Updated On: 16/01/2016)

Chief Traffic Officer is the licence issuing and renewal authority in Pakistan. On behalf of CTO, DSP Traffic Headquarter can issue and renew the driving licence. Here is the procedure for renewing the driving licence from City Traffic Police Rawalpindi, Karachi Traffic Police, Peshawar Traffic Police and Punjab Traffic Police.

Renewal of Driving License of City Traffic Police Rawalpindi

The following documents are required for Renewal of License:

  • Required Application Form
  • Medical Certificate.(Issued by police Doctor)
  • 1 Photo Graph Passport Size
  • A copy of CNIC
  • Original Driving License
  • Tickets of relevant License as given below:

1- Motor Cycle Rs. 500
2- Car Rs. 750
3- Car/ Motor Cycle Rs. 850
4- LTV Rs. 750
5-Rickshaw Rs. 500
6- Tractor (Commercial) Rs. 500
7- Tractor Agriculture Rs. 250
8-HTV Rs. 1000
9-Invalid Carriage. Rs. 100
10-Fine in case of non-Renewal:

Rs. 375 for each year.

Note: – License is renewed for five years.

Download Renewal & Duplicate Form 

Renewal of Licence of Punjab Traffic Police

Necessary documents required for the renewal of license

  • Copy of CNIC
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Medical certificate (issued by authorized medical practitioner)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (only for the candidates of the age of 50 years or above)
  • Application form
  • Original Driving License
  • Relevant tickets

Renewal and Late fee criteria

Type Licence fee Fine after 1 year Renewal fee & fine for 5 years
Motorcycle 100 250 750
Motor Car 150 375 1125
Motorcycle Rickshaw 100 250 750
Motor cab Rickshaw 100 250 750
LTV 150 375 1125
HTV 200 500 1500
Tractor Agriculture 50 125 375
Tractor Commercial 100 250 750

Note: Validity for license renewal is five years

Renewal of Licence of Karachi Traffic Police

S. No Catagory New
Renewal for Learner Permanent DL Renewal within 30 days of expiry Renewal after 30 days of expiry
3 Years 5 Years 3 Years 5 Years 3 Years 5 Years
1 Motor Cycle 50 100 510 660 310 460 435 660
2 Car 100 100 960 1260 560 860 810 1260
3 Car / M. cycle 150 100 1410 1860 810 1260 1185 1860
4 L.T.V 100 100 960 OD+100 1260 OD+100 560 860 810 1260
5 H.T.V 100 100 End 460 OD+1310 End 460 OD+1760 810 1260 1185 1860
6 M.C.R 100 100 960 1260 560 860 810 1260
7 L.T.V / M. Cycle 150 100 1410 1860 810 1260 1185 1860
8 HT.V / M. Cycle 150 100 1060 1660 1560 2460


  • 125 fee for computerised driving licence applicable to all applications.
  • Duplicate Licence Rs. 360/- All types
  • S.V Badge. Rs. 500/- For Ever
  • Correction of same day – FREE
  • After One Day – Rs. 60/-

Renewal of Licence of Peshawar Traffic Police


  • NIC
  • Medical Form Duly signed by the Medical officer ( for above 50 age )
  • Fee Slip deposit in the designated Bank i.e.
  • Expired Computer driving Licenses
  • Computerized history sheet page approved by MLA

After fulfilling the above requirement the applicant is eligible for getting the renewal computerized driving License.


Step 1

Token issuance:- For getting a renewal of computerized driving license Token will be issued to the applicant in which the applicant NIC no, name, type of license, deposited amount, date of fee deposited and bank name are stored in the data base.

Step 2

Medical Information: – Applicant Blood group height weights are stored in this phase.

Step 3

In this phase the renewal of licenses is made with the unique licenses no.


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