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PTCL Internet service went down nationwide due to cable cuts, now restored

(Last Updated On: 27/12/2016)

PTCL internet services went down on Monday nationwide due to the cable cuts.

At first people were confused about this major fiasco, although sooner PTCL authorities apologized to their customers and restored the internet services after hours of suffering

PTCL issued the following statement when the internet services went offline nationwide: “We are currently facing major outage on our network due to which internet service to some of our customers is impacted. Our teams are working on-ground to restore the service as soon as possible. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused.”

However, after restoring the internet services completely, PTCL in a statement told the reason of this major fiasco: “Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited has restored internet services disrupted due to multiple cable cuts. PTCL General Manager PR Imran Janjua, stated “PTCL network is designed for business continuity and high availability. However, due to abnormal cuts in our cables in different remote parts of the country, internet services were impacted which have been fully restored. We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to our valued customers.” He added that a high level investigation committee has been constituted to determine the root cause of the outage.

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