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Qandeel Baloch Personal Profile

Real Name: Fouzia Azeem

Date of Birth: November 15, 1990

Father Name: Malik Azeem

Siblings: Four Brothers

From: Bastti Mahiira, Shah Saddar Deen, Dera Ghazi Khan

Qandeel Baloch ID Card

From last few months, Qandeel Baloch has been continuously dominating over the social media platforms because of her controversial issues. Most of the people are still unaware of the true reality of the model and social media sensation QB about from where she came and belonged actually.

The social media drama queen who got popularity name from the name of Qandeel Baloch has original name Fouzia Azeem. Her father name is Malik Azeem and she belongs to the Mahiira family. She belongs to a Dera Ghazi Khan’s village Shah Saddar Deen. During 2003-04 when she was the student of eight class, she fell in love with a boy. Then she was reading in Government Girls High School Shah Saddar Deen. After falling in love with a young boy, both decided to runway from the house for court marriage. Fouzia Azeem aka Qandeel Baloch acted on this, but that boy deceived her and didn’t come. Now the model had been left with two options either to return home or to start a self-made life; she went for the second option.

During her life, QB first started to work as bus hostess in a private bus company. In that period, she changed her identity from Fouzia Azeem to Qandeel Baloch. She never let her down and stepped into the modeling world. In 2007, she moved to South Africa and became an actress. Now she is known by the name of Qandeel Baloch.

She has four brothers and every month she gave handsome money to her parent to meet their expenses. Last year her father came to meet her in Lahore in her residence but lost his legs in an accident. Now he is living with Qandeel Baloch in Lahore.

Qandeel Baloch – Khara Sach

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