Serene Airline Launched in Pakistan: Online Booking, Fares & Routes

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 17/10/2016)

A new carrier has stepped into Pakistani air by the name of SereneAir. Within few weeks it will be operational for domestic flights only. The journey of Serene Air in Pakistan will start from three B737-800 (NG) and after successful completion of two-year it will be allowed to move on for international flights.

Serene Airline has not confirmed the launch date so far, but it is confirmed it will start its services within few weeks. Serene Air has already obtained the Regular Public Transport license from Civil Aviation Authority. The grant of license of international flights depends on upon the successful services in Pakistan.

According to Express, the company will add two more aircraft in its fleet within two years after getting operational.

Serene Airline Online Tickets

Serene Airline has not started its services. Once the services are operational by Serene Airline, we will update here.

Serene Airline Fares

Web section of Serene Airline is still under development. Fares will be launched after the final development of its official website.

Serene Airline Contact

  • Email

    [email protected]

  • Address

    13-K, Moiz Center, F-7 Markaz,
    Islamabad, PK

  • Phone

    +92 51 8740000
    +92 51 8491000

Serene Airline Pics

serene_air_003-1024x683 serene_air_005-1024x683 serene_air_004-1024x683 serene_air_002-1024x683

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