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Telenor Offers Best Deals and 50% Discount on 3G Smartphones

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 05/02/2016)

Telenor has placed its 3G smartphone on the shelf of 50% discount. Those who are looking for purchasing the 3G smartphone of the Telenor will now be able to get 50% discount on the Telenor smartphone. However, this 50% discount will be available on the second handset purchases by the customer. That means if you are looking for one smartphone only then you will be not offered with discount until you go for another smartphone as well and then the 50% discount will be offered on the second smartphone.

Moreover, the customer has also required to purchases the smartphone of the same model. In a case of purchasing two different model, the customer will be not given the offer of 50% discount.

Here are the five models of the Telenor that are on sale right now. The prices before discount are also being mentioned along with the model.

  • Telenor Easy 3G – Rs. 2,590
  • Telenor Smart 3G – Rs. 5,990
  • Telenor Lite 3G – Rs. 3,690
  • Telenor Smart Mini – Rs. 4,490
  • Telenor Smart Pro – Rs. 6,490

After getting the two handsets of the same model, the customer will be charged original price on the one mobile and 50% for the other mobile of the same model. Moreover, this offers is only for the own 3G smartphones of the Telenor. The other smartphones that are being offered by the Telenor are not the part of this deal.

Further specifications of all of these handsets can be checked out from here. Most of the basic features and specifications are common in all these handsets like front & back camera, 3G enables & Bluetooth supports memory card up to 32 GB, dual SIM slots, and pre-loaded applications including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Opera Mini.

These mobiles are suitable for those customers who are looking for affordable 3G features phone with the multiple applications as well.

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