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Top 10 Worst Earthquakes in Pakistan

The Indian subcontinent has a history of worst earthquakes in the world. Pakistan, India, Nepal and Afghanistan are the major victims of the earthquake that frequently occur in this region. The reason of occurrence of earthquakes in this region is that Indian plates are frequently moving towards Asia at 49mm per year.

As Pakistan is situated at the north-western side of the Indian sub-continent. Moreover, it overlaps the both Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates, and for the same reason, it frequently plunges into the earthquakes that frequently occur in the Northern Areas and some parts of the Baluchistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Baluchistan are located at the Iranian Plateau while Punjab and Singh fall in the region of Indian plates. For the same reasons, it has a history of worst earthquakes. The Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Northern Areas are located in the Central Asia and along the edge of the Indian plot, so these areas always witnessed the worst earthquakes. These are the places where two tectonic plates collide.

Here is the list of worst earthquakes in Pakistan.

1. Shahbandar, Sindhshahbandar-8

Year: 893

Magnitude: 8

Deaths: 150,000

2. 2005 Kashmir Earthquakehistory_speeches_6006_aerial_photo_aids_haiti_victims_still_624x352

Year: 2005

Magnitude: 7.8

Deaths: 80,000

3. Ali Jaan, Balochistan1935_balochistan_tent_city

Year: 1935

Magnitude: 7.7

Deaths: 50,000

4. Shahbandar, Sindhshahbandar-8

Year: 1668

Magnitude: 7.6

Deaths: 50,000

5. 1974 Hunza1974-earthquake

Year: 1974

Magnitude: 6.2

Deaths: 5300

6. 1945 Balochistan1945-tsunami

Year: 1945

Magnitude: 8.1

Deaths: 4000

7. 1819 Rann of Kutch, Allahbund, Sindhquake

Year: 1819

Magnitude: 7.5

Deaths: 3200

8. Lahore Earthquakenaeem4

Year: 1827

Magnitude: 7.8

Deaths: 1000

9. Awaran District, Balochistan5243f40fd3dfb

Year: 2013

Magnitude: 7.7

Deaths: 825

10. October 2015 Hindu Kush_86334623_f5b1968b-f515-42c8-b9ac-c7a1469f9add

Year: 2015

Magnitude: 7.5

Deaths: 363

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