Urwa Hocane Drunk and Dancing in India, Leaked video!

Urwa Hocane is in deep trouble, the video moving on the internet tells that.

In just hours of its arrival on social media, the video has gone viral. The video looks like a leaked video of a night club, in which Urwa can be clearly seen drinking and dancing.

Urwa, who was once offered a Bollywood film turned down the offer as she was busy with a local project has now get a leaked video of her partying in India. Although, no one knows of what date this video is, but in just hours of its arrival it has shocked the Pakistani fans.

Although, yet it isn’t confirm that is this a video from real life party or it is a leaked video from any forthcoming movie of Hocane.

Over all this situation, the VJ cum actress hasn’t yet given her comments or clarification in this regard.

It is said that this video is of a party at night club in New Delhi, although so far no confirmation has been made.

Here should be kept mentioned that Urwa Hocane and her younger sister Mawra Hocane both posses huge fan following in India and also owe good relation with B-town stars.

Mawra have been in several controversies over her B-town ride but Urwa has always stayed a way away from them.

Here is the video of Urwa Hocane dancing in party at India:



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