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Waqar Zaka’s Over the Edge 2016 All Episodes So Far

Written by Ahmad A.R
(Last Updated On: 29/05/2016)

HTV presentation and one of the most popular Pakistani reality shows host by Waqar Zaka is doing well so far. The show is breaking the record of past few reality shows and auditions based competition held in the country. The aggressive and helping Waqar Zaka is uplifting his show all the time. Waqar Zaka has designed the overall challenges of Over the Edge.

Over the Edge is not organising in Pakistan for the first time. It has been organizing since 2002. Up to now, ten seasons of the reality show have been completed.12791021_819483681519015_4973736337424015628_n

At some point in the show, he found helping and motivating the others and at some points he is very extreme on those making fool the others. Those contestants sabotaging the shows are getting the backlashes. The contestants of all type either dancer, actor, performer, singer, or those having unique skills are taking part in the event. Age doesn’t matter at all.

The next stage after the completion of the audition will be a proper competition. In the competition stage, there will be the ten girls and ten boys who will stay with HTV for ten days. The winner will get one crore as a prize money. Over the Edge is the game of mind and for those who thinks they can dare to do something new and mind challenging.

Here are the episodes of Over the Edge so far.

Over The Edge Auditions Episode 1 Full

Over The Edge Auditions Episode 2 Full

Over The Edge Auditions Episode 4 Full – Girl Passing Sanke From Nose

Over The Edge Auditions Episode 5 Full



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