What Brexit Mean to Pakistan? Impact and Implications


Those British people who were planning for past many years to separate their paths from the Europe Union have been succeeded in getting their aim. Now after the referendum, with almost 52% people consensus in Britain separation from EU, Britain is too some extent bound to complete the legal formalities as early as possible.


After that major change in Europe, over Desi Pakistan Bhai are little worried about what is going on in Wilayat. Technically being a Pakistan, it will not affect you at all and if there will be then these affects will be world wide and secondly if you were living in any country of the European Union or the United Kingdom then there will be some effects on you and those around you. The upcoming relations between Inglaand and Europe will affect everyone.

Will it affect Pakistan?

Yes, it will definitely affect Pakistan. Jabb Hathi Lartay Hain to Ghaass ki Shamat to Aati Hay! If Britain exists the EU, Pakistan will lose its way to Europe. Pakistan is already trying to make a deal with other European countries like Germany.
Will it affect my finances?


The import of UK will be expensive while export rates will be low but not as much low as Chinese products in your country. So, don’t try to build a castle in the air.

Now Ingland is Free from EU Budget

Ingland will be not bound to make a contribution to the annual budget of Baara Arrab Dollar to EU. Ghar Ka Paisa Ab Ghar Main Rahay Ga.

Immigration Challenges

Immigration Challenges will be very high. Aik aunty dosri aunty k sirf qabil bachoon ko apny pass anay di gi, means UK will try to control those coming from EU. It will allow the experts only to come in. The rough mall will be not allowed any more.

Kya Mamla Both Serious Hay?

If you are in the UK for employment but belongs to any other European country, then you may be asked to clear your position. Well, it will take two years to complete the dialogue formalities. It is a very complex process and hamin to lagta hay Taj e Bartania kuch dino bad aik aur referendum karay gi k hum ko EU mein wapis lay lo.

It will not affect your Game of Thrones too

HBO has made it clear, Brexit will not impact the production of Game of Thrones

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