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Who is Chotu Gang? Chotu Bio & Wiki Info

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 16/04/2016)

Chotu Profile:

  • Name: Ghulam Rasool alias Chotu
  • Head: Chotu Gang
  • Past Occupation: Ryot, Security Guard of MPA
  • Cast: Bakrai, Mazari Tribe
  • From: Katchi Jamal, Rajanpur

The law enforcement agencies have started the major operation against Ghulam Rasool alias Chotu. Chotu, who had served as a security guard of the former Provincial Assembly Member Atif Mazari, is now the name of terror and threat in Rajanpur.

Ghulam Rasool alias Chotu (Right) with his group of armed men

Ghulam Rasool alias Chotu (Right) with his group of armed men

In past, Chotu had also served the fink of Punjab Police till 2007 and was the informer of extortion and kidnapping cases is now the founder of the own gang named Chotu Gang. According to locals and Punjab Police, Chotu belongs to Bakrai Cast of the Mazari Tribe of Rojhan, Rajanpur. After 2007, his differences with Punjab Police started to increase due to unknown reasons and then he formed his own group and started criminal activities.

After the formation of Chotu Gang by Chotu, various other groups of Dera Ghazi Khan, Sindh and Baluchistan joined the Chotu Gang. The main companions of Chotu are Bilal Jakha and Jugnu Jakha, who formed the Bilali Jakha Gang. Those found guilty of criminal activities started to join Chotu Gang. Now the gang is itself involved in the target killing and kidnapping of traders, businesspersons and experts.1082336-withlead-1460312452-556-640x480

Up to now, Punjab Police has conducted six to seven operations at the cost of over thirty police offers while minimum loss faced by the Chotu Gang. Punjab Police, this time, has also started another operation against Chotu Gang and this time also failed in due to improper planning and too much early strategies by the IG Punjab General Mushtaq Sukhera.

Punjab Government has now called the troops of Pak Army that are accomplishing on going Operation Zarb e Ahan against the Chotu Gang. After the National Action Plan, government is planning to get rid of all these criminals and eradicate the all kind of extremism in the country.

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