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YouTube is now unblocked in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 18/01/2016)

After a ban of over 3.5 years of YouTube in Pakistan, the authorities have made a big buzz for the It enthusiasts of the country. As in the latest move, Pakistan Telecommunication (PTA) have directed Internet Service Providers to open access of You Tube in Pakistan.

Here it should be kept mentioned that the largest video sharing website was blocked in Pakistan over presence of blasphemous content on it. At that Pakistani government asked the YouTube authorities to block the such kind of hatred or blasphemous content in Pakistan and continue your services. But this all didn’t worked well. Consequently, whole of the site was blocked for viewership in Pakistan.


Since the ban on one of the most watched site globally, people used secure (https) protocols or VPN/proxies to make their access to the site. But on Jan 12, the The Giant Google, who also owns YouTube, initiated localized version of the site (YouTube) specifically for viewership in Pakistan.

Several days back the PTA higher-ups also informed Supreme Court about the Google support to make YouTube accessible in Pakistan. As the blasphemous content is also blocked in Pakistan by the Google and the official notification of allowing access of YouTube in Pakistan have also been welcomed by the ISP’s and so far several of them have opened YouTube in Pakistan.


Although, blocking the blasphemous content was the first demand of the Pakistani government but it wasn’t seriously pulled of by the YouTube management and now after getting it set by the site’s authority, PTA and other stake holders asked to resume the services of this video portal in Pakistan.

The petition regarding unbanning of YouTube was upheld by the Barrister Zafarullah Khan. In which the PTA authorities also backed the unblocking of the video sharing site in Pakistan as all the concern of Pakistan Government are eradicated by the YouTube management.

Following the official order of the PTA, PTCL has also restored YouTube services in Pakistan.


The latest move will surely be interpreted as the good gesture not only for the techies, as this easy-to-use video portal is the top priority of people from all group ages and have every of the useful content, which is required by one.

YouTube ‘Alexa Rank'(Worldwide): 3

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