Iflix Pakistan Price and Packages

On video sharing and streaming sites like YouTube and others, you can watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free but what’s about premium TV shows, seasons, premium episodes and newly launched movies, etc. Surely you can’t enjoy all these on any video streaming and sharing site. Here comes the need for video on demand platforms like Iflix. We all know that Iflix couple of months ago properly launched its services in Pakistan and now it has launched another scheme for Pakistan viewers and that is for watching unlimited entertainment stuff for Rs. 300 per month only.

Right from the online platform of Iflix, you can enjoy thousands of TV shows, dramas, seasons, movies and much more. Either it is Hollywood movie or any Bollywood movie; it is now possible to access the movie of almost any showbiz industry.

What is Iflix offering in Pakistan?

First of all, Iflix is offering free one moth trial without any requirement of credit card or any other obligation. You can create your free account here: https://piay.iflix.com/signup/?locale=en_US. You can also continue using your Facebook account as well. In this case, you don’t need to create a new account.

Iflix Price and Package in Pakistan

Iflix has no special offers. It has one package containing all features and functions. The unlimited functions can be access at fixed price of Rs. 300 per month.

For Rs. 300 per month you will be given access to following resources:

  • One month unlimited access to TV shows, dramas, seasons, movies, and much more.
  • Streaming on PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet and even on Smart TV.
  • You can even download and watch your favorite stuff offline.
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