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Is Fawad Khan the New Face of Temple Run 2?

(Last Updated On: 08/03/2017)

The developers of Temple Run are all set to launch the updated version of Temple Run titled Temple Run 2. This time they have decided to introduce the real-life characters in the second part. Surprisingly the face of Temple Run 2 is looking like Fawad Khan. We are not sure whether it is just a coincidence or Imangi Studios has selected the Pakistani actor Fawad Khan the new face for their Temple Run 2.

Most of the people over social media platforms are thinking that Fawad Khan has been selected as the main character of Temple Run 2. However, the developers of the game didn’t mention it in the game description. The have mentioned the other characters of the game that are real life characters such as Usain Bolt, Santa Claus, Bruce Lee, Tom Brady, LeSean McCoy, Cleopatra and many others.


Here are the reactions of Pakistanis over social media platforms.

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