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Khan Baba Weight Lifting Scandal – How Pakistani Hulk Make All Foolish

(Last Updated On: 13/12/2017)

The biggest problem with Pakistanis is that they believe on all those things over social media platform glorifying them even if these are fake. Every day we feel proud on a dozen of videos and images and think that these are real, but after a month or two we come to know that never happens at all or if it is true then this doesn’t belong to Pakistan at all.

For past few months, one name from Mardan, Pakistan Khizar Hayat aka Khan Baba is being viral over the social media platforms as Pakistani Hulk-Man, the strongest man in Pakistan and also the heavyweight champion.

There are many videos on YouTube where we can see Khan Baba is showing his performance but one video that is important to discuss is that one where he is lifting 400 KG weight. However, it shook the head of the whole Pakistan that the video of lifting 400 KG was fake and was studio made with graphics editing showing the atmosphere of any international competition.

This video was also aired on some mainstream and national TV channels as well. However, in the recent episode of Hasb e Haal, Junaid Saleem has in detail cleanup this fake video. Check out what he is saying about Khan Baba.

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