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No Valentine’s Day in Pakistan; Orders Islamabad High Court

(Last Updated On: 13/02/2017)

In a case hearing the matter of Valentine’s Day in Pakistan, Islamabad High Court ordered to ban all type of Valentine’s Day celebration at the public level. IHC has also ordered the local government to take corrective measures to implement on the order.

In its judgment, IHC said that Valentine’s Day festivities and related activities would not be allowed at any cost in public places. Moreover, media, marking and publication houses have also been ordered to prevent their selves to give any coverage to this day. President Mamnoon Hussain said, “Valentine’s Day has no connection without our culture, and it should be avoided.”

The orders of IHC came after the decision of the court made in the petition of Abdul Waheed who filed the case that promotion of Valentine’s Day on mainstream TV channels and social media platforms is against Islamic teachings and Pakistani values and should be banned immediately. The petitioner also demanded for the prohibition of the celebration of Valentine’s Day in public places, stating that, “in the cover of the spread of love, in fact, immorality, nudity, and indecency is being promoted which is against our rich culture.”

Valentine’s Day in Pakistan and Fast Facts

Despite the fact, protest against Valentine’s Day in Pakistan is increasing but the sale of chocolates, flowers, and gifts is also increasing on this day. The celebration of the day is popular among the urban youth and the florists who get a large number of selling on this day. The case is the same with red card publishers as well. Last year, Pakistan earned million dollars regarding sale of flowers, chocolates, cards, and gifts on this day.

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