Private Schools in Karachi to announce winter vacations once again?

(Last Updated On: 11/01/2017)

The week long winter holidays nationwide ended as the new year started. Country wide classes commenced on from 2nd January, but the attendance were reported to be quite low.

The intense cold wave have surrounded the nation and that is why students have not been that regular to the schools.

Seeing this, Karachi Private School Federation  is looking to seek more winter holidays for the students.

All Private Schools Management Association in Karachi has called upon the Sindh government to extend the winter holidays, but yet the final decision has yet not came up.

Earlier the Government of Sindh has announced the schedule of winter vacations and as per the notification, all the school and colleges of the province were asked to remain closed from December 22 to December 31.

The government official further told that all the college and school in the province will be strictly obliging the announcement made by the government and in order to cope with the one not following the instruction will be handled according to the law.

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