TCS Pakistan Domestic Courier and Parcel Delivery Charges

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 29/08/2017)

TCS Pakistan is one of the largest courier services in Pakistan. Its services are said to be the second largest in the country after Pakistan Post Office. TCS Pakistan is offering a broad range of courier services inside and outside of the country. From letters and documents, it deals in the delivery of heavy parcels as well. It is working as a medium for delivery of gifts, fruits and goods and products as well. For the online retailers, it is also offering Cash On Delivery services as well.

TCS Pakistan is offering its shipment and courier services in all cities of Pakistan. It is offering both standard and express services to its customers.

Currently, TCS Pakistan is offering following courier and delivery services in the country:

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Second Day Delivery
  • Holiday Delivery
  • Red Box Delivery

The rates of TCS Pakistan are divided into zones that are Zone 1 and Zone 2. Below are the TCS Pakistan Domestic Courier and Parcel Delivery Charges for year 2017.

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