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The YouTube ban in Pakistan, which lasted for several years, had many cons to the video creators and publishers out there. This ban on one of the most popular video platforms deprived us of the quality content for sure. But now it seems there is quite diversity with Pakistani YouTubers presenting all sort of content. When we talk about diversity, how can we miss Saad ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai, who is one of the most prominent faces when it comes to creating roast-videos in Pakistan.

Talking about Ducky Bhai’s rose to fame, it was has his Dhinchik Pooja selfie video, which made him a face to lookout for on YouTube in both Pakistan and India.  Next big thing on the cards, which led Ducky Bhai made his name among the biggest YouTubers in Pakistan were his videos roasting Sham Idress and his partner Froggy. This video series smashed hits on YouTube with its catchy content which aimed to expose Sham Idress.

The netizens were quite divided on Ducky Bhai vs Sham Idress war and it seemed like people were more inclined towards the former.

It should be noted here that Sham carries on the repute as one of the most successful YouTubers of Pakistan, and with Ducky outsmarting him; the netizens went crazy over the young-YouTuber.

YouTube video

Right after that people were glad to know each and everything about Ducky Bhai. Here’s something you would have wanted to know about this YouTube sensation.

YouTube video

Saad ur Reham, famous as Ducky Bhai is a lad from Lahore, Pakistan who previously had experience of flop YouTube channels, before hitting right at the spot with his current channel ‘YouTube’.  The gamer by heart, Ducky bhai reads in a private University and with his videos it seems that he isn’t very much pleased with the educational system and teachers of ours.

YouTube video

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  • Aftab Alam on 17/08/2019

    Good Job. Bahut he Behtreen Videos hoti hain Ducky Bhai aap ke. Yar kabhi meray bhi channel ka roaster banao yar #AFTABNAMA. http://www.youtube.com/aftabnama
    Please Rquest hay aap say.
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