Afshan Qureshi Bio – Mother of Faisal Qureshi

Qureshi’s have been long known for dominating Pakistan television industry, whether we talk about Mustafa Qureshi, Humayun Qureshi or Faisal Qureshi, all of them have been doing a fantastic job throughout the decades. The name we can’t avoid while talking about talented Qureshi’s of the film is Afshan Qureshi – now the veteran name of Pakistan entertainment industry. And what might some of the entertainment-fans know about this immensely talented lady is she is the mother of Faisal Qureshi.

It should be noted here that Afshan turned out a household name in the entertainment industry after starting off as the minimal roles in the drama industry. But after getting into the limelight with her acting skills she never looked back and paved her path in the already stable entertainment industry of Pakistan. Talking about the start of Afshan’s career, she came up with roles in Sindhi films and drama serials and sooner she jumped into Urdu drama serials and films as well. Namely, her Sindhi serials, Lurkan Bhari Moorat and Preen Ja Musfair made her prominent on the board for her acting skills. Her debut movie came in 1972 and since then she just went on doing better in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Afshan Qureshi is widely known for her dramas like Dharkan, Neeli, and Nasal to the young generation.  It should be noted here that Afshan has been one major reason behind Faisal career as she has always been giving massive support to his son. The proud son of proud mother, Faisal Qureshi started off quite young as a child artist and now he is one of the most looked after actors in drama industry over the years.


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