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Amanat Chan Wiki, Bio & Dramas

(Last Updated On: 06/12/2018)

Punjabi stage drama is one of an integral part of the entertainment industry of Pakistan and one of the highly rated comedians of Punjabi drama theater is Ammant Chan. Ammant Chan has his unique style of saying things which is the main reason for his success in the drama industry is that he makes a very simple joke a hilarious one. He ensures the optimum use of his facial expressions and makes fun of himself as well. The most amazing thing about his comedy is that he won’t utter vulgar things. Pakistani Famous Theater Artist and Comedian Amanat Chan is known for Wohti Le Kay Jani Aay (2010).

Amanat Chan Wiki, Bio:

Name: Amanat Ali

Nick Name: Amanat chan

Birthplace: Karachi Pakistan

Profession: Comedian

Gender: Male

Country: Pakistan

Nationality: Pakistani

Hair: Black

Eye Color: Black

Languages: Punjabi, Urdu

Home Town: Karachi, Pakistan

Religion: Islam

Dramas: Muhabbat CNG 2, Raaj Khaan Deyian Mastian, Jab Dagh Nazar Aya

Facebook of Amanat Chan:

Videos of Amanat Chan:

Drama Serials of Amanat Chan :

Muhabbat CNG 2, Raaj Khaan Deyian Mastian, Jab Dagh Nazar Aya

Photo gallery of Amanat Chan:

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