Indian Film Gul Makai on life of Malala Yousafzai: Motion Poster and Details

The youngest ever to get Nobel Award to her name, the young Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai, hailing from the small town from Swat defied the terrorism and gave a loud message about the positivity of Pakistan. Malala Yousfzai stood firm on her stance about the female education in the area influenced by the terrorists, and what came towards her was the real challenge for the young bold and courageous girl. She even after repeatedly getting threats from the terrorists didn’t step back and went on getting the education and spreading the message of female education in the area. In 2012, she got shot by the terrorists along with two other girls of the area in an assassination attempt.

Recognizing her courage, numerous literary work has been done on the life and positive image of Malala Younsafzai across the globe, up the latest an Indian film is all set to portray film on her life and struggle on the silver screen. The film named as ‘Gul Makai’ is directed by Amjad Khan and stars TV actress Reem Sheikh in the lead role as Malala Yousafzai.  The one accompanying Reem in the lead character of the film is experienced actress Divya Dutt.

The first poster of this film was unveiled back in September 2017 and since then there wasn’t much in the news about this biopic on Pakistani female Nobel Laureate. Up the latest, the motion poster has been revealed, which features Reem Sheikh as Malala.

In the 16-second long teaser video, the voice behind actually unfolds the whereabouts and the storyline of the biopic on the courageous girl hailing from Swat Valley.

“This is about those times when the Taliban was destroying Pakistan and Afghanistan in the name of Jihad and religion. When from a very small village in Pakistan, a voice arose.”


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