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Mi Ramadan Discount Offer 2018: Up To 50% Off on Mi’s Smartphones & Devices

As the Ramazan comes, more and more companies try to catch their customers by giving them lucrative offers in the shape of discount and sale. Interestingly except on food and basic need products, you will find sale and discount offers on all other products and services, and that is the fact.

Well, it is common to accommodate the customers with discount and sale offers in the month of Ramazan. This practice is being used by many clothing, online shopping and cellular companies in the country.

Mi Pakistan has announced Mi Ramadan Festival 2018 that will sharp start from today May 21 and will last until May 27, 2018. There is up to 50% discount on wide range of Mi’s product. However, Mi has not announced the name of items available at discounted price. In fact, a new category will be announced by it daily at 9 PM till May 27, 2018.

Once the categories are announced on a daily basis, all of these will remain active for 24 hours, and then the next category will be announced again. Currently, the discount offer is on the following products of Mi.

  • Lifestyle & Gadgets
  • Audio Equipment
  • Gear & Devices
  • Powerbanks & Charging
  • Smartphones

It’s time to get more for less with Mi Ramadan Deals 2018. Give yourself a little pre-Eid treat with this sale at Mi. Or you can celebrate this Eid by giving Mi to your friends and family.

Go to Mi Pakistan official website at here

Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi

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