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Panah Gah Safe Shelter Initiative by Government of Pakistan

The biggest slogan of the PTI before the election was “Change” and nation is now expecting what was promised to them before the election. PTI government is putting its maximum effort bring a positive change in the society and trying its level best for the welfare of the common man. In this regard, a great initiative has been taken by the government, and that is safe shelter houses for the people who used to sleep on streets during hot and cold weather.

Prime minister Imran Khan took this initiative and instructed the CM Punjab, Sind and KPK to arrange shelter houses for the people who are sleeping on footpaths and streets. Most of these people are those who come to big cities in search of the jobs and at the end of the day, they have to sleep on footpaths and streets without any security in extreme weather conditions.

Only in Lahore, the temporary safe shelter is working now at 4 different places, and those are Thokar Niaz Baig, Bhatti Gate, Badami Bagh and Railway station. The guests are given dinner and breakfast. In lunch, they are offered biryani and cold drinks, and in the morning they are offered Tea, Channa and paratha. In addition to it, the police are there for security.

The residents are asked for their ID card and reference of a known person of their hometown and they are given space inside shelter home. The permanent Shelter homes are under process, but temporary tents have been provided with quality material for the safe shelter or Panah gah. In Rawalpindi 5 locations have been found for the same as well. A significant step by Prime Minister Imran Khan towards the welfare of those who were ignored by every government. Such unusual steps will make things easy for those who deserve these services.


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